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  • Digibell behaves like an intensive barn collar that detects the parameters of movement, rumination, rest, heat and abnormalities of the animal (on non-bovine animals some functions may not activate) by adding the GPS position.
  • So in addition to knowing the "intensive" parameters of your animals you can follow their movements on pasture and through the virtual fences be notified if they go out to intervene immediately!
  • You will have the opportunity to customize some parameters and set the collar to the needs of your business!

We use a transmission system able to adapt to any situation in the territory where the animals graze even where there is no network connection (gsm or higher).  In these cases, in addition to an inspection in the area concerned, the customer agrees on the most efficient transmission for him. Write to us for more information.

Yes, it is a possibility that is given if all the animals in the herd use the collar and a specific preparation is made for the animals. Contact our team for full details.

  • The battery has a variable life depending on different parameters, for example, the frequency of sending the GPS signal.  The tests carried out have shown that in the worst situation it has a minimum duration of 6 months. but it can also exceed the year!
  • The casing is designed not to bother animals, not to be dangerous to themselves or to humans, and is able to withstand countless situations and shocks.  It is an IP67 water protection and is not particularly afraid of humidity.
  • The APP will notify you when it's time to change the batteries in time, so as to avoid data loss or stop using the collar.

  • The application has been designed to be intuitive and simple to use: it highlights the main parameters of the animal.  You can also quickly create or edit and save the various fences and have the tracking of the last 24 hours or up to 7 days before.
  • The part available on the PC instead gives the possibility to analyze in more depth the graphs and the welfare of your animals as well as having the history since you began to use the collar with its movements!

This is a very complex and complicated topic to solve at a technological and applicative level, nevertheless we are working to ensure that we can have devices that can help shepherds and breeders even against this threat.

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