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Future developments

Is it possible to digitize livestock farms in disadvantaged or totally extensive areas with a low or no state of corporate digitization?

Is it possible to revolutionize an industry with centuries-old processes and work routines to create a new simple standard method: intuitive adaptable flexible that can accompany the centuries-old tradition of pastoralism?


Is it possible to guide and accompany the pastor of the new century through these generalized evolutionary periods by restoring centrality, new opportunities and motivations to continue in an easier and more remunerative way the activity they have chosen?

Is it possible to debureaucratize some production processes, maintaining and increasing the degree of food and document safety, without increasing the workload of agricultural operators and the PA?

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In GRUGN, we believe that the answer to these questions are all affirmative, and our mission is to make them concrete, tangible and usable like the earth and the space that surrounds us. From innovative ideas, tangible projects and products are born that can make a difference in companies and in the environment, in a healthy and lasting way. The study and development of products, methods and collaborations on which we are working will give rise to a 360 ° Innovation that brings benefits especially to those who work in agriculture and for agriculture safeguarding the entire consumption chain in a sustainable way Their implementation and connection will therefore create added value for companies and their families, for the supply chains and communities involved, for the benefit of all!

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